HAT helps you guide your students, and helps your students guide your school.

‘Here’s a Thought’ is an inspiring, creative drip-feed of wellbeing insights. The messages and artwork speak to teenagers in many different ways. HAT leverages an evolved approach to wellbeing. HAT gently supports them with evidence and informed wisdom and provides them a platform to share their wisdom back. 


Below explains the various use and terminology of HAT.

What is HAT?

HAT is wellbeing curriculum that includes and integrates the HAT app, anonymous student sentiment data, the custom HAT dashboard, HAT Chats, printable posters and access to a complete historical library of HATs.
The 4 represents each of the four key processes that underpin a responsive student-partnership approach: INSPIRE, LISTEN, ANALYSE, RESPOND.
Any high school can sign up for a free trial at www.hatapp.org

What is a HAT?

A single, inspiring, two sided, digital postcard delivered each week to students throughout their time at high school.

What is the HAT App?

An elegant, simple, custom-built wellbeing app, designed for adolescents to view, like and share their weekly HAT. The stand-alone HATapp is FREE to all teenagers around the world.
Available from the Apple App Store and Google Play.

What is a HATChat?

HATChats are what really makes ‘Here’s a Thought’ complete. They are conversation starters, questions, quotes and additional content. Each HATChat is designed for 15 to 30 minutes of inspiring and engaging discussion to be held in form rooms, pastoral care and even assembly. This is a beautiful opportunity to really hear student voice, sentiment and ideas.
HATChats are only available with HAT4Schools subscription.

What is a HATPoster?

HAT Posters are a wonderful companion to HATChats. There is a high-res, A3 poster of every HAT produced that can be downloaded and printed from the HAT Dashboard. These are a great addition and touch point to the classroom and school hallway.
HAT Posters are only available with HAT4Schools subscription.

What is HATData?

Each HAT comes with a specific non invasive, anonymous question which captures student sentiment. The real-time insights can be viewed and shared from the HAT Dashboard.
HAT Data is only available with HAT4Schools subscription.

What is the HAT Dashboard?

The HATDashboard is where a school can view student insights and data. We encourage schools to share this data back to students and parents to kickstart discussions and to implement change. A school can also see upcoming HATs, revisit the full library of past HATs, download and print posters and access HATChats as PDF’s
HATs provide a wonderful catalyst for parent support / discussion groups.

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