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Over the last 16 or so months in preparation for launch, we ran several trial demos of ‘Here’s a Thought’. This was to test the technology, to get feedback on whether teens liked it and to understand ease of use. We trialled mostly with teenagers, with a few parents and teachers thrown into the mix.

Here’s what they had to say about HAT:

“I love the use of art to illustrate the ideas being discussed.”

Consistency in each thought – appearance, length, depth of content.”

“Love the creativity and the variety in subject matter can’t wait to see more!”

“I like how it captures complex feelings and provides insight.”

“The quotes draw you in and if you are feeling that way – you don’t feel alone.”

“People would truly benefit from having a moment each day of quiet thought.”

“The lovely ‘simpleness’ of it, plus the beautiful pictures.”

“Giving kids a chance to share their thoughts through the Q&A.”

“The illustrations and quotes are simple and really “talk” to me.”

“I like that it can reach kids that might really need it.”

“Very relatable.”

“Some teens may not have access to someone to ask questions, so this is a great way to get information and feel like they are not alone.”

“An easy way to stir thinking positively about issues.”

“I like how it tackles really important topics that aren’t always talked about with teens.”

“It’s quick to read but delivers an abundance of important information.”

“This gives kids (and adults) tools to help navigate challenges during a difficult time.”

“I like the layout out and how it is quite interactive. It also goes into detail about each topic.”

“It shows teenagers that people actually care.”

“It makes you question if you should be talking to people for help.”

“It feels like a safe zone to talk about mental health.”

“I like how it makes me think deeply about life and what’s really important.”

“Love the art ! I like that it’s interactive and gets your opinion.”

“They’re really nice, easy and positive reminders.”

“In an increasingly negative world  it’s incredibly important to have positive messages.”

“Helps to inspire and start conversations.”

“I think it’s so important for all students to have a voice and be able to share their ideas and thoughts around important issues.”

“I believe providing students with more advanced knowledge around mental health, and equip them with practice strategies is so handy, for not only themselves, but also their friends.”

“Students may realise they can relate and connect with others as they may experience the same things.”

I hope schools will listen to what we have to say.”

“It’s an incredible initiative that would have positive impact on the student body.”

“I feel it’s a super effective way to start conversations and address present issues in young people.”

“It provides help and exposure on important topics.”

“I think it’s so important to provide young people with easy accessed tools.”

“Combining images with simple lines of strategies is perfect for a fast-paced online space.”

“It’s a lot less confronting than speaking up to parents or school counsellor, it’s a small step for students to take.”

“I’m so grateful to see such a supportive and creative program like this, to support high school students, I think it’s much needed.”

“Absolutely brilliant way to connect to young people.”

“I think it sends a really positive message in an engaging way for students about mental health and wellbeing.”

“It lets students know that there is support everywhere and there are solutions to every issue.”

“It’s short and it works very well, even if people go off it quickly they retain some info.”

“I think it has the ability to make a lasting impact and is something that could help connect and better the student body.”

“It’s really helpful, and some things are better expressed through picture than word.”

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