HAT helps your school grow an inclusive, connected, and resilient community.

The following steps will help you successfully integrate HAT into your school community


Gain school leadership approval

We have prepared a two-page School Leadership Information document for you to share with your leadership team.  Of course, you can also send them to hatapp.org, where they can learn about the benefits and features of ‘Here’s a Thought’.


Sign up for a HAT account

Then receive access to all real time data and insights + other features for 2 months for FREE



Sign into your School Dashboard

You will receive a personal email providing information and sign in details to your school’s HAT Dashboard. Sign in, familiarise yourself with the site, change your password and locate your school’s unique access code. It is getting real now!


Inform your community 

On your Dashboard you will find an array of resources to help inform your community – including downloadable A4 flyers, colleague emails and content for parent newsletters.  


Download the HAT app

You and your community can now head to the Apple or Google app store to download HAT. You’ll need your school’s unique access code to sign in.


Let HAT do its work 

Experience the benefits as HAT supports the wellbeing of your school community.

We’re sure you will look forward to Wednesdays as you see a new HAT drop! 

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