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We understand that schools have different mobile phone policies so we have designed HAT so that there is no requirement for any student to use HAT inside the classroom.


View each unique HAT (Headline, Image, Message, Insight question)

Answer the question

Like their favourite HATs (this adds the specific HAT to their HAT Favourites folder)

Share their favourite HATs (this allows them to send the specific HAT to a friend or family member)

Students cannot input any personal information

Students cannot send messages

No. Whilst HAT is designed to look and feel a little bit like popular social media apps, it is very different.

  • All content is carefully crafted by experts.
  • Students and their voice are completely anonymous, encouraging honest responses and high-fidelity data.
  • Students cannot interact with other students via the app. Instead of an addictive feed of fleeting posts, HAT releases one powerful thought per week.
  • Each HAT is supported with a range of teacher and parent resources to enhance the app’s impact.

We never ask for or collect any form of identifiable student data.

Your school will be provided with a unique code that all students share. Once students have downloaded the app, they will be asked to enter your school’s code.

Each HAT goes through a very careful design process. Our team of creatives, educators, and mental health experts work together closely to ensure that HAT content is inspiring, helpful, and supports the mental health and wellbeing of teenagers.

However, HAT is designed to directly address the most significant worries of teenagers and so we encourage students to seek professional guidance and support if they are concerned about themselves or others.

Your School Dashboard contains a catalogue of upcoming HATs.

Your school’s monthly or yearly subscription can be cancelled at any time. Student insight data will be available until the end of the payment period.

The HAT team would love to hear from you! Please send us a message via the Contact Us page.

HAT is an app used by schools around the world. Even when your school closes for breaks, HAT continues to provide a constant steam of inspiration and support for students.

Many schools embrace the opportunity to involve parents and educators in the shared experience of HAT. We have a special code that provides parents and educators with access to the HAT content – but not the student insight question. Each HAT also comes with additional optional content on your Dashboard – designed for parents and teachers – to help them continue conversations about HAT at home and in the classroom.


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